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Adding more light to the foreground makes a big difference. The standout feature of the Brio is its 4K resolution, the ability to record at 3840 by 2160 pixels. That sounds great, because we’re trained to think that “more X is better,” where X equals resolution, megapixels, gigabytes, gigahertz, and all sorts of other technical specifications. The texture of my skin here, shot with the Brio is more akin to turning on the “Touch Up My Appearance” setting in some video-conferencing software.

Its built-in mic isn’t excellent, but it’s fine enough. However, this shouldn’t be a huge problem for most people purchasing this webcam, as it’s incredibly professionalized and made primarily for streaming usage. While this is a great webcam, most need to understand that it’s beyond just pricey. The Logitech SteamCam will cost you $170, so if you really want to invest in your streaming career, it’s a worthwhile purchase. The Anker PowerConf C200 is one of the best webcams on the market and features a crisp, color accurate image in all lighting conditions.

This latest release of the C920 is sold with a free 3-month Xsplit Vcam license. The Xsplit Vcam is popularly known for its ability to replace, remove or blur your background while recording. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. How to determine the version number for LockDown Browser and perform an update.


The topmost track is on top of the pile and anything underneath can be covered up by what’s on top. Then, select the video and webcam footage and choose open. Camtasia adds the videos to the media bin, where they’re now ready to use in the project. If you haven’t already recorded your webcam footage, you can do that using the Camtasia recorder. If you’ve tried every USB port and installed all necessary drivers, it is possible the webcam’s adapter is the problem. The wire might be cut or frayed or the connection to the motherboard may be faulty.

  • The C920S doesn’t, however, let you swivel the camera left and right.
  • Webcams can be pretty easy to hack, and there’s a chance someone is already spying on you or might start soon enough.
  • There is a whole new level of stress added because along with stressing about the testing material, you have to stress about every move you make.

But, just so you know, we may earn commission in doing so. Having held office jobs in copywriting and editing, Cartwright now works from her home in Northern California. She also maintains an events website geared toward the science and technology community. We may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this site. A PC enthusiast, he also wrote computing and gaming news for TG, usually relating to how hard it is to find graphics card stock. To perform this webcam test, open the testing website tool you want to use by making sure you’re connected to the internet.

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You can use the manual or the automatic way to fix Logitech C920. If you ask for our recommendation, we suggest going ahead with Advanced Driver Updater. All the above steps will surely help troubleshoot the problem. This should help narrow the conflicting program with the Logitech c920 webcam driver. After updating the driver, restart the system to apply changes. Scroll down and allow camera access to the app you want.

Here are the best webcams:

The webcam is connected to your computer via a USB. The Brio displays remarkable footage with good color contrast. The HDR technology adjusts the lighting and exposure. The Brio houses a wide sensor that can record in 3 adjustable perspectives, 65, 78, and 90-degree fields of view. This wide view allows you to easily adjust the webcam according to your proctor’s requirements without moving the webcam itself.